Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends You Will Witness During 2017

Digital marketing has made the way of promoting products so simple and cost-effective for the business organizations. It is a modern way of promotion and certainly all type’s business can try it. Unlike TV advertisements and expensive printed promotions, the digital marketing promotes products online. The internet is the largest marketplace today. The digital marketers know it and they use it to meet all the promotion related demands of the clients. Whether you have a small sized business, medium sized business or a large business organization, you can use digital marketing to endorse your products across the globe. It is cost-effective and it is really very effective to increase the sales.

Almost business owners across the globe have praised the features offered by digital marketing in. 2016 was a year, when millions of business owners have hired the digital marketing experts for promotion. Of course, the demand for well-experienced marketers are high in 2017 as every digital agency Singapore is looking to fulfil the requirements of their clients. The experts say that there will be a boom of digital marketing trends. The top 10 are listed below:

1. A rapid enhancement in video ads

No, we are not talking about the video ads broadcasted over the television. It is about the video ads shown on websites, social networking sites and video sharing sites like YouTube. People used to enjoy watching videos on YouTube before a few years because the video used to stream without ads. Now, business owners promote their products and services over YouTube. Some unexpected ads come in-between the main video, which sometimes frustrate the viewers. However, still the popularity of the product increases and the promoters get benefit from it.

2. There will be more apps for particular brands

The world has seen a dramatic increase in the number of mobile apps. There were millions of apps were built during 2016. Of course, 2017 will provide many new apps that will belong to certain brand, game, and other services. Even though, the small and medium sized businesses spend a limited amount over promotion. It is expected that most of the small and medium sized businesses will get dedicated apps for their services. It becomes quite simple to target, lure, and entertain the customers, when you get a perfect app for the business. Now, almost business organizations know it and they will go for it.

3. The mobile phone users will be the main audience

Any business, is going to promote its products and services digitally, will focus on the mobile users. 2017 will be the year, when we will witness the dominance of mobile phones over the desktop. The desktop users will be a part of the digital marketing strategy, but the marketers will plan Smartphone centric marketing plans. There are billions of Smartphone users and most of them use their device for shopping and finding useful services. So, you can see more mobile friendly sites in 2017 and all types’ business organizations are going to do it.

4. There may be more social media marketing channels

Every individual knows that social media has become the best platform to promote products on the internet. The digital marketing agency in Singapore uses this platform widely and similarly other agencies too. The social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest have billions of active users. Do not get stunned, if you soon get another emerging social networking site because the demands are quite high. Snapchat and Learnist are some good examples of the new social media marketing channels and you can see some more in 2017.

5. There will be some more smart devices

Do you think there will be no new devices during 2017? Please do not lose hope because there will be some great devices in this year. The Smartphone manufacturing firms are trying to improve the technology so that the users can get better battery life, more space and much better services. The digital marketers are already using virtual reality for promotional purpose. There will be more digital displays and cost-effective digital brochures that will be used to promote the business organizations.

6. The quality of the content will improve

It is not only about the website content or the content promoters feed on the social media and blogs. The ads will be more meaningful. You will find entertaining ads on the websites, social media and also on your TV sets. The digital marketers know that it is not quite easy to grab the attention of the prospects nowadays. You need to try something different and impressive. Therefore, you can get top quality content on the web pages, social sites and also in the commercial ads.

7. The demands for high-quality services will improve

It is expected that the number of service providers will improve very quickly within a few months. Now the customers may find it tough to find a reliable service provider. Of course, some reliable digital marketing agencies will promote only reliable service provider. Still, the online consumers may feel puzzled. The digital marketing agency in Singapore will prevent customers from getting directed towards unreliable service providers.

8. Every client will seek higher ROI

The digital marketing service providers have proven time and again that they can magically boost the value of any brand. Of course, the expectations of all the clients will be high during 2017. Every business owner would like to get the maximum returns on investment. He would like to get the best output from the digital marketing campaign. The digital marketing companies can be in a huge pressure and only a few reliable agencies can meet the demands of the clients.

So, these are the top 8 digital marketing trends, you can witness during 2017. It is also possible that you may see some other trends like increase in the hacking incidents, expensive online promotion, and so on. Every business has equal opportunities of turning into a business giant. The customers are choosing online service providers over the land based service providers. The support of a trusted digital marketing agency can boost the sales of any business and turn it into a reliable brand.